COVID-19 Update

As the restrictions and safety measures enacted to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 are updated and changed, we at Railey Vacations are in turn making the appropriate changes and modifications. At this time, we are moving or cancelling all stays through May 4.


As you’re aware, this is an extremely fluid situation, with new developments and announcements often happening daily. We want to assure you that we’re taking the situation seriously and making all decisions with the utmost caution. We are handling cancellations and rescheduled stays on a week-to-week basis to minimize the potential loss of income for you as a homeowner.


Until the local ban on transient vacation rental units is lifted, we will not legally be permitted to rent your homes, but we are strategically moving through this process to create the least amount of disruption should the ban be lifted in the coming weeks.


Our updated and heightened cleaning procedures will continue. Your home’s care and the health of our guests and our homeowners is our top priority. When we are able to resume renting homes, we will continue thoroughly sanitizing and cleaning homes between stays. Any back-to-back stays will be given special priority and attention.


As Memorial Day approaches, with summer on its heels, we can only hope this situation settles and we can once again open our doors to those looking to escape to Deep Creek Lake.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.